Can You Help This Kitty?

kitty2A few weeks ago we noticed a kitten in our backyard.  He was an older kitten.  He wouldn’t let us get close to him but he would stay in our yard.  My dad noticed that he only had one eye.  We asked our vet about it and she said that he probably lost his eye due to an infection when he was very small.  We wanted to help him, but we were going on vacation and couldn’t catch him.

We went on vacation for 2 weeks and when we got back, he had moved into our back porch with our outdoor kitty, Mischu!  We could peek at him through our backdoor window when he wasn’t looking and his eye looked pretty yucky.  My mom decided that we were going to have to try and get him to take him to the vet not only because of his eye, but he was hanging around with our cat and we didn’t want her to get sick.

My mom has been trying to get him to be friends with her.  He really wants to be!  He rolls around on the grass near her when she is petting Mischu.  Last night for dinner we had salmon and she had an idea!  She gave the little kitty some salmon on a plate and he let her pet him!  Today she tried to again with tuna and he let her pet him again!  THEN, when she was in the backyard sitting in the grass, he came right up to her!!  He is very very sweet.

My mom is going to try to catch the kitty in a humane trap tomorrow to take him to the vet to get him checked out.  She wants to get his eye fixed, get him his shots and get him neutered.  We think he might be in pain because of his eye.  I told her that I would try to sell some bandanas and cat nip pillows to help pay for this cost.   Please visit my shop page if you would like to help out!  You can also make a direct donation.  All of the money I make or collect goes right to animal organizations or animals in need.  I only keep enough to buy my supplies.  (And a lot of supplies I get donated!)  I would really appreciate it!

Wish us luck!