Last Year at This Time….

I had finally made enough money to send $100 to Villalobos Rescue Center!  I got this awesome thank you note and postcard from Tia– then she gave me a shout out on her Facebook page.  That was SO cool!  If you want to make your own donation to them, you can visit their website by clicking on the hyper link above.  You can visit their Facebook page by clicking on this: VillalobosRescueCenter.  Tell them that My Hope for Animals sent you!


This is Why I Do What I Do!

Yes, animals have feelings!  Just look at this poor little dog!  She looks so so sad when they first find her…. but then they help her and she feels better and makes a friend!  I am going to send in the $5.00 that they requested to help them save other animals.  How about YOU?

After watching the video, don’t forget to visit their website at Hope for Paws.