Dedication to Catherine Hubbard


Catherine Hubbard

Hey guys, this is something I REALLY want you to do.  This is Catherine Hubbard, she was a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting.  She loved animals as much as I do and her parents are asking people to donate in her name to The Animal Center in Newtown, CT.

This girl had the same dream as me…. we both wanted to help animals……. I donated $25 and it will make me happy to know others have given too… PLEASE DO IT!!!!! It will help! 🙂

The Animal Center, PO Box 475, Newtown, CT

(203) 270-0228

First Donation Sent

215957_438078929573697_126453742_nAt my brother’s school there was a craft show.  I went there with my Mom and sold our catnip pillows and bandanas.  When I got home I decided to donate some money to Villalobos Rescue Center.  I really enjoy their show because it makes me happy to see how many dogs they help all the time.

I wrote a letter to Tia Torres, the owner of Villalobos, and I told her about what I did and sent her some pictures.

The next week I got a card from Tia saying she was very happy that I was able to donate to her.

She sent me a picture of a bunch of her little puppies, and I was excited that I was able to help her an that she was supportive of me.

So, my first $100 went to Villalobos Rescue Center!